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Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)


ABS brakes can stop skidding, avoid accidents and save lives.

That’s why Joe's Garage and Customs is an ABS brake repair expert. our  technicians are trained and tested in all aspects of maintaining, servicing and repairing anti-lock brakes. There’s more to ABS maintenance than just replacing shoes and pads, although these parts are very important.



Axle Repair


Axles are extremely important to your car. They are on par with brakes and tires when it comes to the safety of your vehicle. That’s why it’s important to know an axle expert, like Joe's Garage and Customs mechanics, who can keep your car’s axles worry free.



Brake Service


You rely on your brakes to help you stop safely and securely, whenever and wherever you need to. Replacing worn brake pads can help prevent a "metal-on-metal" condition that accelerates  need for the expensive rotor and/or drum replacements.

 Trust the trained professionals at Joe's Garage  to help ensure that your brake system is working as efficiently as possible. Brake service includes:

  • Removing and replacing worn brake pads and/or brake shoes
  • Resurfacing brake rotors or drums
  • If needed, topping-off brake fluid



Catalytic Converters


An internal combustion engine, like the kind in your vehicle, creates emissions that are bad for the environment. To reduce pollution, a catalytic converter changes harmful gases into harmless ones. You can see why it’s so important that your that your catalytic converter is working properly. Joe's Garage & Customs is trained, tested and top of the line in catalytic converter maintenance and repair, even for high performance vehicles.



CV Shafts & Joints


Constant velocity, or "CV" joints are attached to each end of the drive shaft. They connect the axles to the wheels as well as to the transmission. CV joints are necessary because they transfer torque at a constant speed to the wheels. They also accommodate the up and down motions of the suspension system.

CV joints are packed with grease, which is held in place in a rubber or plastic protective cover called the CV joint boot. It’s also referred to as the drive axle boot, and it’s where most CV joint problems begin. If the boot becomes cracked or broken, the grease can begin to leak out while dirt and moisture begin to get in. This can make the CV joint corrode, dry out and ultimately fail.

Having the joint that connects the axle to the wheel fail is dangerous. That’s why it’s important to have your CV joint boot inspected regularly.

 Joe's Garage and Customs mechanics will inspect your CV joint boot every time you have an oil changed.

That’s a good thing, because it’s a lot less expensive to replace a boot than a joint. Universal joints, which connect the drive shaft to the drive axle should also be inspected during every oil change.



Drive-line Repair


Your driveline is what turns your axles, and your axle is what turns your wheels. There are different types of drivelines depending on whether your vehicle has rear, front, or four-wheel drive.

The driveline connects to the transmission and differential through a series of universal joints. Most universal and CV joints are sealed and don’t require periodic lubrication. It’s extremely important to have them inspected every time your vehicle is up on a lift. Any crack or leak in the joint's protective housing, or boot, can result in severe damage to your vehicle.



Exhaust & Muffler Repair


Help maintain a quiet ride while also helping to prevent harmful gases from entering your vehicle with a properly maintained exhaust system.

It's normal for road conditions and weather to damage, break, and wear out exhaust components over time. But you can depend on Joe's Garage & Customs team to expertly perform your muffler and exhaust system service, which includes:

  • A thorough inspection of all exhaust components
  • Replacement of any broken, missing, or malfunctioning exhaust parts

How important are muffler & exhaust services i your vehicle?

Your emissions system helps to minimize engine noise. It also helps to protect you from dangerous carbon monoxide and/or carbon dioxide fumes, while also helping to reduce pollutants released into the atmosphere. Maintaining your muffler and exhaust system helps to:

  • Direct harmful engine exhaust gases away from the inside of your vehicle
  • Reduce the amount of pollutants released into the atmosphere
  • Control and minimize engine exhaust noises



Four Wheel Drive Repair


Four-wheel drive means all four wheels are receiving power from the engine simultaneously. Unlike other vehicles, in which only the front or rear wheels turn, all four wheels turn with four-wheel drive. This means superior traction for your vehicle. Many people associate the term with off-road driving, but four-wheel drive can be important on city streets also. When conditions are icy or slick, four-wheel drive helps you keep your car under control.

That’s why it’s important to have someone who’s trained, tested, and top of the line make sure your four-wheel drive system is well maintained and working. Someone like Joe's garage and Customs.



Shock Absorbers, Struts & Springs


Shocks and/or struts control spring movement. A spring that is not properly controlled can cause a rough and unstable ride.

There are four major spring designs in use today: coil, leaf, torsion bar, and air . The springs support the entire weight of the vehicle, absorb road shock and maintain proper ride height. At Joe's Garage and Customs we can ensure that your car is stable and smooth.



Steering & Chassis


 The chassis is the bottom frame of the car, plus the “running gear” that makes it move: the engine, transmission, driveshaft, differential, and suspension. What we sit in is the “body" it’s constructed on top of the chassis.

Joe's Garage and Customs is an expert on every part of your vehicle’s chassis, so when it comes to your engine, we can handle everything from a simple tune-up to a major repair.

Without proper maintenance your transmission can cost you plenty. Joe's Garage & Cautoms can help prevent problems with routine maintenance, fluid flush and fill and repair.



Wheels Alignment


Proper wheel alignment is critical for accurate handling, increasing fuel mileage, and reducing tire wear. Modern day alignments also work hand in hand with stability control systems and in some vehicles the lighting systems.

To the alignment specialists at Joe's Garage and Customs  performing 4-wheel alignments means more than simply measuring and resetting your wheel angles to match vehicle manufacturer specifications. It also includes:

  • Adjusting the placement of weight around each tire and rim assembly
  • Making certain that all wheel angles are correctly perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other
  • Conducting a comprehensive steering and suspension systems inspection


Improved driver safety, a smoother ride, and increased fuel efficiency are other benefits that can be attributed to properly aligned wheels.

Wheel Balancing


For optimal driving performance, let our team help ensure that your tires are rotating as evenly as possible. Our comprehensive wheel-balance service includes:

  • Removing your tires and wheels
  • Mounting your wheels on our state-of-the-art balancing machine
  • Checking to see if the weight of your wheels and tires are balanced evenly around their axles by spinning them
  • Finding any imbalances and attaching lead weights to the tires to compensate for weight differences
  • Remounting your tires and wheels



Factory Scheduled Maintenance


Scheduled maintenances are the basiscs of keeping your vehicle reliable and safe.

Each auto manufacturer has a set plan for each vehicles needed work, which comes from in-depth testing and research of each model. from there, it is as simple as sticking to the recommended time lines for each possible check.



Water Pumps


We all have seen a car or two stranded on the side of the road, steam rising from under the hood. The water punp is one of the most essential items towards keeping your car from running right and safe. Water pumps provide necessary coolant, moving fluid from the radiator through the motor. Joe's Garage and Customs can help keep your car cool without a problem.




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